The rumored girlfriend of BB Malayalam, contestant of Sujo Mathew, Sanjana, criticizes him for his comment of 'Who is Sanjana'

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 contestant Sucker Mathew aterrizó en una controversia recientemente. Durante una discusión con el contestant Pavan Thomas , Sujo denied being in a relationship with his rumoured girlfriend Sanjana. Netizens are upset with Sujo's statement as the contestant had earlier mentioned on the show that his girlfriend has gifted him t-shirts.

Sanjana took to her Instagram handle to react on Sujo’s statements. Slamming the contestant for denying their relationship, Sanjana stated that ‘integrity is more important than the game’.

Sujo, don't you really know who gave you the jacket? Sanjana is your friend? Seriously? Be happy with your lies, says his comment.

Here is the comment:

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-06 at 1.53.47 PM.

In another screenshot that is circulating on social media, Sanjana mentioned sending a birthday gift to Sujo.nEven during the discussion in the recent episode (February 5), Pavan said he had given a yellow jacket to Sujo, which was Sanjana's birthday present for the latter.

In the episode, Sujo and Pavan ended up in an unpleasant dispute over Sanjana. When Pavan faced Alasandra About being near Sujo despite knowing he has a girlfriend, Sujo intervened and asked who his girlfriend is. He said: Who is my girlfriend? When Pavan mentions Sanjana as his girlfriend (Sujo), Sujo asks: Who is Sanjana?

Later, Sujo claimed that Sanjana, Shalini etc are his girlfriends. I have even hugged Alasandra adding that she is also his girlfriend.

Sin embargo, todo el incidente invocó el odio hacia Sujo entre los fanáticos de BB. Algunos internautas incluso sugirieron traer a Sanjana a la casa BB como contestant comodín.