International Conference on Human Rights, Youth and Drugs

The second day of Two Day International Conference on the subject ‘A conversation for change: human rights, youth and Drugs , He started today here with Technical Session III on Youth and Civil society : Exchange and intervention trips ’presided over pornDr. Upneet Kaur Mangat , Assistant Professor, Center for human rights And homework, Panjab University . The session had a detailed discussion on the role of civil society in the protection of young people against drug abuse. It was further elaborated in leading a sustainable life. The youth that is the future for each country needs to think twice and must provide more opportunities to get rid of such evils.

One of the surviving women of the Nav Kiran harm reduction program in Kapurthala also shared her story with the audience. She told the audience how she started taking drugs while working in a factory among other girls there and ended up a drug addict.

addiction. How addiction ruined his married life and, ultimately, he has to return to his parents' house. He also shared his story about drug addiction at the Nav Kiran rehabilitation home in Kapurthala. She concluded that giving up drugs is perhaps difficult but not impossible.

Another surviving woman of the New Kiran Damage Reduction Program in Kapurthala told her story to the public. She had a loving family, but after her, her husband left and became a turning point in her life. She said how a lady approached

she and began to give her emotional support that led her to the path of drugs. She shared her entire success story to overcome the drug addiction of being carried away by drugs and becoming a boutique owner.