I try to maintain a balance between singing and school: Sugandha Date

Winner of the singing reality show Sugandha Date, on his first visit to Lucknow, he tried the famous chaat basket along with the kulfi. I love this city. The hospitality here is second to none. At night I have plans to buy, especially because the Chikan Kurtas are famous here, I really want to see them, ”said the young singer.n The girl Nagpur talked about her music trip to and said:“ It has not been a very easy trip, we all face Many ups and downs. My guide light throughout my music journey has been my guru Anand Sharma Mr. It's been almost six years since I learned classical music from my guruji. Had it not been for him and my ever so supporting family, I don’t think I would’ve won the coveted trophy.” The Lil’ Champs winner also revealed that her mother completed her MA in music but doesn’t sing anymore. “Mummy ka gaana peechhe chhoot gaya meri wajah se. Unfortunately, she doesn't practice it anymore. In fact, my whole family moved from Nagpur to Mumbai to continue my career as a singer. I am missing the words to define the amount of love and respect that I have for my family.

There are many reality shows these days centred around kids. Speaking about the trend, Sugandha said, “I can’t say for all, but as for me, I have enjoyed my music al journey at every step. The only pressure I felt was the pressure to work harder and get better, which I would say is the case in life also. One needs to constantly work on oneself, keep enhancing their skills and get better with every passing day. It’s about how well a kid manages his or her time and studies. I try to maintain a balance between singing which I’m very passionate about and school. Luckily for me, my school was very supportive too, so that really helped.”

- Yashi Agarwal