Mumbai women participate in the city's largest hair donation campaign in KGAF

In World Cancer Day , (February 4) a city hospital along with a cancer support NGO and a celebrity stylist Sapna Bhavnani , organized one of the largest hair donation s at the current Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. From a beautiful nine-year-old Nishka Marfatia to an elegant 58-year-old Asha Mahale, the trip saw enthusiastic participants between 8 and 70 years old. PKJ_1503 Nishka Marfatia, nine, donated her hair

Asha, who has always had long hair, was very anxious about the donation. “I always wanted to cut my long hair, but nobody supported this idea of ​​mine. Since this cause was so good, I decided to cut my hair. It feels great, ”she said.

PKJ_1254 Asha Mahale, one of the oldest participants at the hair donation PKJ_1442 Niyati Jadhav

Another first-time donor, Niyati Jadhav who is studying at SNDT Women’s University and wants to be a dietician, said, “Hair means a lot for women cancer patients, it gives confidence. And I am glad that on World Cancer Day I could donate hair for them. I feel good about it. In fact, I believe that those who have long hair should participate in a drive like this.”

For Nimrat Dhillon, a student at Government Law College, this was not the first hair donation. Passionate about this cause, she said: “The last time I donated 12 inches of my hair, and this time there were four. It is a great feeling to be able to help cancer patients. And after all, it's just the hair, which will grow back.

Nishka Marfatia, 9, of JB Petit High School for Girls, said: I want to give hair to cancer patients so they can get a new look. He was present at the donation with his parents, and seemed happy to do so. Donate your hair. Jitendra Haryan, executive director of the hospital, said: “We have been treating cancer patients for more than four decades and we believe that happy patients recover faster and better. Therefore, giving them their beauty and confidence with their hair will surely improve their treatment. ”

Sapna ha estado recolectando donaciones de cabello en su salón desde hace un tiempo y estaba eufórica por estar asociada con el viaje. “Algo así es genial porque, como peluquero, se trata de retribuir a la sociedad. Además, la caridad es una elección personal y tiene que ser de tu corazón. Uno tiene que entender que el cabello es extremadamente importante cuando se trata de autoconfianza. Si tienes el pelo largo, realmente no te afectará. Aap ko kuch bhi fark nahi padega. In la India, las mujeres y las niñas en su mayoría tienen el pelo largo. Las mujeres tienden a atar su cabello todo el día, sería mejor si donaran su cabello. In cuanto a las niñas, cuando estás en la escuela, es más fácil manejar peinados más cortos, por lo que donar es una gran idea. No solo las mujeres, sino que los hombres también deben donar cabello. De hecho, hemos tenido muchos hombres y también niños que donan cabello en nuestro salón ”.



Urvija Sanghvi, CEO of the cancer support NGO, explained: “We collect hair from people between four and 85 years of age. Gray, treated, colored, curly or straight, whatever the type, we turn it into wigs that are then donated to cancer patients in hospitals across India.