SC orders that the adverse comments of Bombay HC on the behavior of the former collector of Mumbai be eliminated

MUMBAI: The Supreme The court recently eliminated offensive portions that touch the conduct of the former collector of the city from a 2017 order from the upper court of Bombay. Ashwini, then a collector from the city of Mumbai, had approached in 2017 the adverse comments recorded by the HC in a petition filed in 2016 by Redstone Realtors against the measures he had taken.

When we consider the totality of the circumstances and more particularly the Audit Report, it is quite evident that the Collector as the custodian was trying to protect the property of the Government and was making efforts to recover the Government's income and had no bad intention. said the SC bank of the judges, SR Bopanna and Hrishikesh Roy at the end of last month while rejecting his appeal.

The cusp also noted that she had exercised her executive power and the Superior Court should have been aware that the Collector's inaction in the Audit Report would have demonstrated that she had abdicated her responsibility. Therefore, in the absence of any dishonest intent or strange motive, the Superior Court could have avoided harmful comments about the appellant's conduct.

The SC said that the justice service would be better served to avoid intemperate and unnecessary comments about the conduct of the parties that appear in court.