Looking to create air defense, logistics and theater commands on the peninsula: CDS Bipin Rawat

NEW DELHI: The armed forces are likely to collaborate and create a '' to cover all air operations that take place in the Indian airspace, a 'peninsula command' to take care of all naval operations in the closest region of the Ocean Indian, and one, '' said the first chief of defense personnel of India (general) on Tuesday.

The commanders of these theaters would initially be informing their respective chiefs of service, Rawat told reporters, adding that no decision has been made on how many joint commands would be created on the Indo-Chinese border.

To become the armed forces of the Union, we have to start working on some of the aspects in which we believe that immediate integration can occur. There, we found that air defense is an area, which, according to me, is a minor issue. fruit and can happen within a certain timeframe, the CDS told reporters.

The responsibility of airspace management is that of the Air Force, therefore, airspace security must rest in that one service, he explained.

We believe that all assets that are there must be integrated into a single service so that command and control problems can be simplified, he said.

In a historic decision, on December 24 last year the government approved the creation of a CDS in the range of a four-star general who acts as the chief military advisor to the defense minister in all matters related to tri-services .

The government also decided to create a new military affairs department (DMA) under the defense ministry, which is run by the CDS as its secretary.

The CDS said there should be an integrated logistics command.

There is a wide variety of integrated logistics problems, Rawat said.

Taking the example of medical resources, Rawat said that among the three services, surpluses and deficiencies should be better managed so that doctors are not overloaded or underutilized.

Rawat also said that there is a need for a command of the peninsula, which would be with the Navy.

Our thinking process is that we let ourselves go with the command of the peninsula. There is currently an East and West command in the Navy over the Indian Ocean, he said.

If you look at the Chief of the Navy, these two commands are just one of his letters. Look at his letter, he is looking at the entire Indian Ocean region. It is looking from the east coast of Africa to Australia. So, he has a bigger picture to look at, Rawat explained.

Therefore, with the creation of the peninsula command, the Chief of the Navy can divest himself from the nearest Indian Ocean region and see the big picture, Rawat added.

When asked if he had finished what would finally be created, he said: I am definitive in my mind ... I would like to discuss this with the three chiefs of service before making known what I have in mind. They can be better than me. They may be having better ideas.

Rawat added that for the northern borders, which means the border of India with China, a decision has not yet been made on how many theaters will be created.

Some thoughts have been exchanged with the heads of service on this matter, he added.

The CDS stated that initially, theater commanders would be informing their respective service chiefs.

Once we have finished with our cross-provision, initially the theater commanders will have to be assigned to the regular theater with the bosses assuming control, Rawat told reporters.

When asked if it would be too complex, since there will be one more layer with the theater commanders who inform the service chiefs, he said: This is a phase of transformation ... Initially, you see, you don't want to make a mistake while the transformation is done, since you don't know when things will get ugly.

And at that time, we don't want people to say 'I don't know about this.' You must maintain this overlap for a while because in our case we do not know when this requirement may arise when having to commit.

So, when you don't know when the requirement may come, it's better to have those systems, the CDS added.

On the question about the time frame he has in mind to create these theater commands, the CDS said: I have been given three years ... for the creation of these theaters.

Rawat added that in the DMA, a total of six joint secretaries, four from the armed forces and two from the civil services, are working.