Sumo will organize a great show for the Tokyo Olympics

TOKYO: Some of the biggest sumo stars will make a special show among the Tokyo Olympics & Paralympics , trying to present its rare traditions to sports fans around the world.

The two-day event on August 12-13 will come just days after the Olympic closing ceremony & is expected to feature grand champions or "yokozuna", who are massive stars in Japan.

Kakuryu, one of these yokozuna, said Tuesday he was looking forward to introducing sumo to a "global audience" & "receiving people from all over the world".

Head of Sumo Association Hakkaku Nobuyoshi He said he wanted a global audience to better understand the sport, which is immersed in the Shinto ritual tradition.

"We want visitors to understand that sumo is not just a sport but also a tradition & culture," Hakkaku told reporters at the Ryogoku Kokugikan arena in Tokyo, where the event will take place.

There will be explanations of the meaning behind some of the traditions, such as how wrestlers enter the ring & why they stamp their feet before a bout.

A winner will be crowned on both days, with the two champions facing off in a grand final. There will be simultaneous commentary in English & Japanese, said sumo association spokesman Shibatayama Yasushi.

Visitors will also be able to mingle with wrestlers, shake hands & take pictures with them at the event, added Hakkaku.