Cristiano Ronaldo fans are entitled to compensation after the absence of the star, the rules of the South Korean court

SEOUL: Two South Korean soccer fans who sued the party organizer after Cristiano Ronaldo couldn't play in a friendly during Juventus The preseason tour in Seoul last year is entitled to compensation, a court ruled Tuesday.

A district court in Incheon, west of Seoul, ordered the local agency that organized the party, The Fasta Inc , to pay 371,000 won ($ 312) to the two fans listed in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit complained that The Fasta Inc had publicized Ronaldo would play for at least 45 minutes, but the Portugal star ultimately sat out the entire game in July 2019.

The court ordered The Fasta Inc to pay 70,000 won ($ 58.95) per ticket, 1,000 won ($ 0.8421) for the ticket commission fee, and 300,000 won ($ 252.63) each for mental anguish for the two plaintiffs, lawyer Kim Min-ki who filed the lawsuit told Reuters.

Kim said he was also representing 87 other plaintiffs in several other cases that were filed in connection with the party.

The Fasta Inc 's website was not online as of Tuesday, and phone calls to the company's president were not answered.