Actor Joy Mukherjee allegedly hits co-star Aindrila Sharma on the set of Jion Kathi, the latter files a complaint

Actor Joy Mukherjee , who was arrested in 2018, for allegedly harassing his ex-girlfriend Sayantika Banerjee , is accused of hitting his co-actor Aindrila Sharma in the sets of ‘ Jion Kathi ’. Aindrila and Joy play the main characters of the show. According to reports, the actress has filed a complaint.

Aindrila said, “The incident took place yesterday. I was shooting on the floor of Jion Kathi. I got a call from my mom. I finished the particular shot and received her call. Joy was also called for another shot. I told my mom that I will speak with her later since my co-star has already arrived. But Joy had some problem since I was talking and he created chaos on the set. ”

The actress shared that she left the sets to continue her call. “I was going outside and Joy took me by the hand and hit me. He also pushed me. I was surprised by his behavior. He continually used dirty language. My crew members tried to hug him so he couldn't hurt me anymore, he added.

When contacted Joy, he said: I don't want to comment now.

Aindrila was taken inside the makeup room. After settling down, he decided to contact the Artists Forum. They also called the police on the sets and talked to Aindrila.

The actress shared that Joy allegedly left the shooting game when police arrived. The members of the Artists' Forum and the producer tried to talk to him, but at first he denied it. “After much persuasion, Joy returned but denied hitting me in front of the police. The entire crew was surprised by his statement. His version was fluctuating.

Sources suggest that the producer is no longer sure to work with Joy. A few months ago he had misbehaved with the members of the unit and created a fuss because the shot was affected. She added: “This is not the first time he's been misbehaving with someone. All our equipment is habitual of such behavior. But he can't hit anyone, especially a girl. I am shaken from within. I told the police officer everything. I have also sent a written complaint to the Artists Forum.

Today neither Aindrila nor Joy attended the shooting.