Trinayani Update, February 3: Jasmine maligns Dripta

In the last episode of Trinayani, family members are busy with the bid while, Nayan & Dripta are talking about their relationship. Nayan wants to leave since she doesn’t want Dripta to suffer because of her. Right at that time, Jasmine Enter the place.

Most of the family members are shocked to see her. They still remember Jasmine ’s past deeds. Sanjukta & Vicky are elated seeing her since they are aware of her nasty plans.

Jasmine pretends to be innocent & says she doesn’t have any ill motive. The present situation has changed her. While the family members try to figure out what she is up to, Dripta heaves a sigh of relief seeing her. Dripta thinks jasmine will help him to clear the misconception that they are having an affair.

But Jasmine has some other agenda & reveals that she is pregnant. Dripta took her to the hospital & left her there after knowing the truth. Dripta is utterly shocked by the truth. Jasmine adds, Dripta is cheating on both Nayan & her. This irks Nayan & she slaps Jasmine .

Dripta alleges Jasmine for maligning his character. Unable to bear the blame he decides to end his life.

Dripta rushes upstairs & locks himself inside the room. Nayan , Pratima, Jeet, Rangana plead Dripta to open the door