Renounces the leadership of the Russian federation suspended in the midst of a scandal

MOSCOW: The Russian executive committee suspended athletics federation He resigned on Monday and transferred his authority to a working group designed to take the organization out of a doping crisis of four and a half years, the federation said.

Russia's athletics federation was suspended in 2015 after a report commissioned by the World Anti-Doping Agency ( LOVE ) found evidence of mass doping among athletic athletes in the country.

The federation was plunged into a deeper crisis when its president and six other people were provisionally suspended last November for having provided false explanations and forged documents to justify three doping tests lost by a high jumper. Danil Lysenko .

The charges led World Athletics, the world's leading sporting body, to suspend the federation's reinstatement procedure and ban Russian athletics athletes from competing internationally as neutral.

The problems of the Russian federation worsened last week when the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU), the global body that monitors integrity in sport, said the organization had shown a total lack of contrition in its response to the Lysenko case and He recommended that she be expelled. of global athletics.

The federation said Monday that its leadership was resigning and that all responsibilities, including liaison with World Athletics, the AIU and other global organizations, were transferred to a working group led by the Russian Olympic Committee.

The crisis in Russian athletics has already lasted five years and it is clear to everyone that it has been prolonged, said Sports Minister Oleg Matytsin, according to the federation.

Our common goal is to quickly normalize cooperation with World Athletics to restore our membership.

World Athletics said last week that the federation could avoid expulsion if its officials admitted their participation in the scandal.

Russia is also in the process of appealing a four-year ban from competing under its flag at major international events as punishment for having provided LOVE with doctored laboratory data.