Aggabai Sasubai Update, February 1: Asawari is lost in the shopping market

In the recent episode of Aggabai Sasubai , Asawari & Abhijit Visit one of the heritage sites of Rajasthan. The security guard does not allow Soham to go inside the heritage place. The tour manager shows the entry passes to the security guard & allows Soham to go inside. Soham goes inside & shouts at Asawari for not waiting for him. Later, he holds Asawari ’s hands & tries to separate her from Abhijit . Shubhra gets confused after seeing Soham ’s weird behavior with Abhijit & Asawari .

Lastly, Shubhra sees traditional Rajasthani dupatta & insists Asawari for shopping. The tour manager informs everyone that they all need to go to the shopping market by walk because only Rikshaws are allowed there. Abhijit , Asawari , & Shubhra decide to visit the market by Rickshaw but Soham decides to join them by car. Later, Soham goes to the shopping market by enjoying his vintage car ride.

The tour manager helps everyone during the shopping & asks everyone to stay together so that no one can be lost anywhere.

While buying shoes with Soham , Asawari gets lost in the market. Asawari gets panicked & calls Aajoba with the help of a shopkeeper. Aajoba calls & informs Abhijit that Asawari is finding him in the market & shares Asawari 's location. Abhijit finally meets Asawari & tells her that he & Shubhra were trying hard to find her in the market but couldn’t see her. Shubhra also shouts at Soham for his carelessness.

Lastly, Abhijit tells Asawari that he has bought an anklet for her. Abhijit helps Asawari to wear the anklet in the middle of the road. The tour manager compliments Abhijit & Asawari for their cute relationship.