Manjil Virinja Poovu update, February 3: Mallika is surprised

In the recent episode of Virov Poovu Manjil , Janaki tends to leave PK Nilayam. She tells him that she is happy for Anjana. Meanwhile, Arun comes to meet Mallika. Upon realizing Janaki with Anjana, he tries to make fun of the latter. Arun tells Janaki that Anjana has changed and is now a millionaire.

Mallika listens to the conversation and learns that Arun is still mad at Anjana. Seeing Mallika, Arun informs him that he is going to the plantation. Anjana gets angry because Arun is not talking to him. Mallika understands Anjana's sadness and promises that she will resolve her dispute.

Later, Manu receives a call from Sona. Sona tells Manu that Anjana has finally caught him. Hearing this, Manu replies that he can take care of that. He also adds that he is planning an idea to bring Sona back home.

Meanwhile, Anjana enters the room and learns that Manu was talking to Sona. She teases him by saying that Manu's lover is plotting a new plan to get him alcohol. Sona calls Manu's phone again and Anjana answers the call. Anjana warns Sona never to call Manu.

On the other hand, the lawyer meets Mallika and informs him that Prathibha can move his hand. The lawyer informs Mallika that Prathibha has presented a case to obtain the wealth of Krishna Das. Mallika is shattered by the lawyer's words.