Neelakkuyil Update, February 3: Kasthoori is in a solution

In the recent episode of Neelakkuyil , Sharath Talk to Rani about Kasthoori She gets furious and says that Kasthoori It is he who ruined his life.

Then, Radhamani is thinking about Rani's words about Kasthoori. Sharath says that Rani is using Kasthoori 's name to confuse everyone. But, Radhamani thinks that Rani is hiding something.

At Kausthubham, Captain and Balan question Kasthoori and Adithyan. They confront Kasthoori for not informing them about Adithyan who misbehaved with her. Kasthoori cries that she tried her best to stop him. Hearing this, Captain says that Rani left the house only because of Kasthoori. He also shouts at Adithyan for the act.

Captain also requests Ravi and Malathi to reveal what they know about Kasthoori. The duo lies that they don't know anything. They further meet Adithyan and informs him that everyone is suspicious about his (Adithyan 's) relationship with Kasthjoori. Hearing this, Adithyan replies that he is prepared to reveal the truth to everyone. Ravi and Malathi panic listening to Adithya's words.

On the other hand, Kasthoori is afraid, whether Adithyan would reveal the truth to all. She is also upset that Captain doubts her. Meanwhile, Kasthoori overhears Captain's telephonic conversation with Rani. In the conversation, Captain requests Rani to meet him soon.

The next morning, Kasthoori informs the same to Adithyan. He replies that Captain has called Rani to enquire about his doubts regarding them.