Ke Apon Ke By update, February 3: Tandra is arrested

In the last episode of Ke Apon Ke By , Joba reveals that she wanted Tandra and her associates to fall into her trap, which they did. Joba’s claims leave Tandra and Sapnamay at loss. Tandra points the gun at Joba and threatens to kill her. Surya Shekhar and Koel get extremely worried seeing Joba’s situation. But Joba doesn't get afraid and challenges her. She talks about all the past crimes committed by Tandra and asks her why she always wanted to harm her.

Tandra doesn't pay much attention to her words and intends to kill Joba. Meanwhile, cops come and ask Tandra to surrender. But she denies and threatens to kill Joba.

She enters into a scuffle with Joba and fires her gun. Fortunately, the bullet doesn’t hit anyone. Joba takes Tandra’s gun and slaps her. The cops arrest Tandra along with Mitti and Sapnamay.

Joba shares his plan with Surya and decides to meet Sarthak. She wants to reveal the racket run by Supratim and its associates

Meanwhile, the family members are furious at Koel, who isn't at home till late. Param fumes with anger. Suddenly, Itu comes and shares Koel is coming home. Surya drops Koel at her plac