The Corona beer brand is willing to pay $ 15 million to rename Coronavirus

The deadly respiratory disease is scaring people all over the world, but the repercussions are happening to the popular ones. beer brand Corona. The company behind Corona beer , Constellations Brands, has offered up to $15 million to help change the Coronavirus’ name to the BudLightvirus.

The name coronavirus is derived from the Latin corona, which means corona or halo, which refers to the characteristic appearance of virus particles. They have a fringe that recalls a royal crown or the solar corona.

Constellation executives are believed to be 'incredibly worried' about the increasing publicity of the deadly virus, which so far has killed more than 100 people and has committed an initial $ 10 million to rename Coronavirus to literally anything else With an additional $ 5. millions if the name change is BudLightvirus. The name does not have to be BudLightvirus, we would also accept the MillerLiteVirus, the HeinekenVirus or even the CoronaIsActuallyReallyGoodForYouVirus, Constellation CEO Bill Newlands told CNN.

With the deadly virus catching the increasing attention Constellations Brands offers $10 million to change the name of the virus and an extra $5 million if the name is changed to the rival beer brand ‘BudLightvirus’.

Well, for one, the BudLight virus really sticks out of the tongue, doesn't it? Constellation CEO Bill Newlands told CNN. “And when you think of an unpleasant virus that forces you to cover your nose or mouth if you come into contact with it, you think of Bud Lite, so we believe that the new name is more appropriate. I mean, how many people have died from consuming too much Corona? He added. “Probably nobody. Bud Lite though? Probably millions.

If the offer is not accepted, Corona has not ruled out the potential to sue the virus for defamation and has already submitted a letter of cessation and withdrawal to the Coronavirus, demanding that he stop killing people.