New twist in history when Kumar launches an email

KOLKATA: After receiving a notice to stop working on Sunday by email, secretary of the Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) Sanjay Kumar hit the CEO of the association Sudhir Kumar Jha with a scathing email of his own, on Monday, questioning the truthfulness of his completion of the work and calling it full of contradictions.

The mail, whose copy is in TOI's possession, has been addressed to Jha along with the association's joint secretary, Kumar Arvind. In the mail, Kumar has wondered why he was appointed former secretary while he was restricted from performing his duties after the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Friday. As it seems that the general body at its meeting on January 31, 2020 is pleased to prevent me from fulfilling my duties as secretary, therefore, I am still the secretary without any power, so I should not be considered as the former secretary he added. Kumar statement read.

While the representatives of the Cricketers Association of India ( ICA ) Amikar Dayal & Kavita Roy were barred from entering the AGM in Ara along with Kumar preceding the furore, the latter stated that he could only be called an erstwhile secretary if the general body had terminated him after the meeting. Kumar further added that while he has been asked to hand over the cheque book & passwords of the website & the official email, neither does he possess the cheque book nor has been told who to hand over the password to the mail.

The secretary, however, chose to refrain from making any comments against the allegations made against him regarding conflict of interest, rather choosing to defend himself in front of any committee or the general body of the association. "Through your email, it has been stated that showcause notice shall be issued to me separately. Therefore I am not making any comment with respect of charges /allegation labeled against me in your email under reply. However I am ready to defend myself against any charges which could be/have been levelled against me before any committee & general body of BCA."

Asking for a copy on the AGM, Kumar, reposed his faith upon BCA president Rakesh Tiwari against whom he had supposedly issued a legal notice for quoting a wrong sum of expenditure for the previous year. Earlier on Sunday, he had refused to accept the legitimity of the mail from the CEO. "I have the mail but is there any signature of Sudhir Kumar Jha at the end? How am I supposed to understand that this is an authentic letter whereas no signature has been attached & neither have I been informed by the association," Kumar had stated.

He also added: The Aditya Inn Hotel, where the General Shareholders' Meeting was called, belongs to Undersecretary Kumar Arvind. Is it established in our constitution that the General Meeting of Shareholders can take place on the property of the holder of an office? This is a case of conflict of interest. I have already reported this to BCCI , including ICA president Ashok Malhotra & Syed Saba Karim (head of cricket operations, BCCI )," Kumar said, while reiterating that he was not treating the mail from BCA as termination from his post as the secretary.

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