Hardik Pandya shouldn't rush his return: Zaheer Khan

MUMBAI: It's been more than four months since Hardik Pandya The last time he played for India. An injury to the lower back, which required surgery, has kept the SUV out of action.

There was a slight hope that a 26-year-old could return for the Test Series against New Zealand, but was ruled out of that series.

Ex pacer of India Zaheer Khan , which has been closely monitoring Pandya in the Mumbai Indians where he is the director of Grillo, he feels that the 26-year-old must be patient with his recovery, instead of trying to return quickly Cricket field.

"It's important for Hardik that he should take his time to comeback120 % (fit). I can say it by experience. When anyone goes through injuries, it's not about coming back. It's about how you come back. You have to be patient through that process. You have to listen to the team which is around you - the support staff, be it your doctor, your physio, your trainers. Those are the key people one should communicate with and control the controllables," Zaheer said at Mumbai Indians ' junior T20 programme at the National Cricket Club ( ICONA ) - a club he played for in his early years in Mumbai - the Cross maidan , here on Monday.

The retired player, who took 311 wickets in 92 tests and 282 scalps in 200 ODI, suffered some injuries in his career. I've always been advising everyone in the same way: you have to take your time. You cannot be impatient and hasten your return. This is when you return, you should have a long journey. It's frustrating at times when you're away from the game, but it's very important to do the right things. It's about listening to your body, getting more than 100%, making sure you have checked all the boxes and then coming back, he explained.

Zaheer praised the Indian team, which recently defeated New Zealand 5-0 in the T20I series. I hope things improve. New Zealand was having a difficult time. They tried to find answers to beat this Indian team. A 5-0 victory is a great achievement. They should be very proud of what they have done in New Zealand. It will definitely be a hard series (ODI) for the Kiwis, Zaheer said.

Zaheer felt that India have kept getting better in Cricket because every generation threw up inspirational heroes. "I have always been very clear of this thought process. You look at the Indian team graph: You look at the '70s, '80s, and '90s - it's always been upwards. And there's only one explanation to this. The Indian team have been lucky with the role models we have had in the past and they've inspired the next generation to do better," he said.