Irabotir Chupkotha: Monami Ghosh will play a double role

TV show ' Iraboti r Chupkotha ’, Starring Monami Ghosh (how Iraboti ) & Syed Arefin (Akash) is one of the most popular programs on Bengali television. The daily soap is waiting for a new twist after which Monami will be seen playing a double role.

In the story, Iraboti has lost her daughter at a tender age. Now, she will play the role of both mother and daughter as the show has featured a time leap. Following this, Iraboti and Akash have grown old. Iraboti spends her life in search of her daughter Arushi, only to find her doing some job which is not acceptable by the society.

Monami will play both Arushi and Iraboti 's characters now. The actress is elated about her new responsibility.

Following this twist in ‘ Iraboti r Chupkotha ’, the story will take a new turn as Iraboti will be seen facing one of the toughest hurdles in her life. She will try to bring Arushi back to normalcy far away from the dark world she is in.

Previously, Monami was seen playing a similar role in Binni Dhaner Khoi. In that program, she initially played Mohor and was later seen playing her daughter Lina as well. And the actress was much appreciated for playing both characters convincingly.