How three gangsters planned to escape from Haryana and Rajasthan prisons

GURUGRAM: Three gangsters housed in different prisons in Haryana and Rajasthan drew up a plan by phone to free one of them from the clutches of the police a month ago. On Saturday, they executed the plan and also succeeded.

The attack on the police van, which was carrying five inmates, including Sandeep and Dhan Singh, from Bhondsi prison, was the result of the plan plotted by gangsters Sampat Nehra, Lawrence Bishnoi and Sandeep. The police team with the inmates was returning from a court hearing, when the gangsters' accomplices entered two vehicles and attacked the police van near Hanuman Chowk in Faridabad. An assistant subinspector, Jitender, was injured in the crossfire, but declared himself out of danger.

Sampat Nehra

Police said the men were arrested at a checkpoint near the village of Shikrona while fleeing. They left the vehicles and started running towards a field. After a brief exchange of shots, Dhan Singh and two of his accomplices, Kapil and Naresh Sethi, were caught. Sandeep and some others managed to flee. At least 10 guns and 200 live cartridges were found in them. During the interrogation, Kapil and Sethi revealed the plot of the attack. Sampat, Sandeep and Bishnoi were in contact through conference calls during the last months, an officer said.

Lawrence Bishnoi

Sampat was arrested by the Haryana Police Special Task Force in Hyderabad in June 2018 and is housed in Panchkula jail, while Bishnoi is housed in Bharatpur jail in Rajasthan and Sandeep was in Bhondsi jail. All arrangements for the weapon, the vehicle and the men for the attack were made by Sandeep from the jail facilities. After escaping custody on Saturday, Sandeep, who was in contact with other gangsters by phone, has not made phone calls. It is known that the gangster uses a phone without a SIM and makes WhatsApp calls through the Internet router, an official said.

Initial investigations revealed that the three gangsters were running their gangs in cooperation with each other. Lawrence had asked Sampat to make arrangements to free Sandeep. Sampat had previously released his gang member from police custody in Panchkula, a senior police officer said that according to the plan, the defendants were supposed to leave their vehicle, attack the police team and use another vehicle to get there. to Rajasthan. After releasing Sandeep, they were supposed to change their vehicle near Dhauj.

Multiple Gurugram teams and they are looking for Sandeep. On Sunday, police also checked the records of Bhondsi prison to see who had come to meet Sandeep in the month since he was transferred from Hisar prison.