Laughathon in Sinquerim

Wednesday night in Sinquerim There was a laugh with comedian Nitinn R. Miranni, who made the crowd laugh at a nightclub. Indian origin comic , which comes from Dubai, made everyone laugh with his insightful and versatile humor.n “What was different is the fact that Miranni would not shy away from changing his set and interacting with the audience to create fun moments that would get the greatest applause from the night. His charm and ingenuity It makes you feel like you are watching a friend tell you stories and there is an instant connection, said Anika Bragança, assistant professor, who was at the event.

He enacted some of the humourous experiences from his personal life, and kept the crowd engaged ingenuity h his ingenuity ty interactions. “It was a great show. There were only men during the first hour, since it was ladies night. But women trickled in later,” he quipped. “There was a lot of crowd interaction and we went on for two hours! There was an old and tired aunty who fell asleep during the show and she said god bless you before she left, so we clapped for her! It was a very interesting crowd,” he said.