Maharashtra: university teacher burned by a married man who stalks her

NAGPUR: A 24-year-old man, who was harassing a university teacher in Hinganghat City, about 75 km from here in Wardha District, was set on fire by the public. Ankita Pisudde, 24, a collaborating professor at the local Matoshree Ashatai Kumawar Mahila Mahavidyalaya, suffered burns from 35% to 40% and is being treated in Nagpur.

Police arrested a villager, Vikesh Nagrale, a married man and a son, for carrying out the attack Monday morning near the university where Ankita taught.

Sources from the Orange City Hospital and Research Institute, where Ankita was brought in, stated that she was in critical condition with deep dermal burns of grade III covering the scalp, face, upper right limb, left hand, upper part of the back and neck complete with lesions that affect your respiratory system. system. Doctors declared that surgery was performed on Ankita, but another 72 hours would be needed to make an adequate prognosis.

Ankita, a graduate in Botany and attending BEd, walked to her university with two students after getting off the bus she took every day from her town Daroda. They were half a kilometer from the university when the attack occurred.

Nagrale got on his bike and threw gasoline from a container on Ankita's head. Then he threw a burning torch, made by wrapping a cloth around a stick, towards her, following the upper part of her body that was engulfed in flames. Nagrale, who had kept his bicycle idling, quickly moved away from the place.

Later in the day, he was intercepted at MIDC Buti Bori by Nagpur rural police while police tracked the location of his mobile phone. Nagrale was communicating with a friend and the Hinganghat police took the friend's help to catch him.

Nagrale had tried before ending his own life for some problem with Ankita. Police said Ankita and Nagrale were friends before, but she broke ties after he married another woman a year ago. The defendant also had a son. He worked as an electrician with a railway contractor. Police received information from the village of Daroda, where Nagrale and Ankita stayed, that he was harassing her during the last days.

Interior Minister Anil Deshmukh told TOI that strict action would be taken against the defendant who has been slapped with strict provisions of the law. We will carry out the trial of the case in a fast track court. The government would provide all possible help to the victim and his family, he said.

Anyone participating in such a heinous crime would be treated strictly, he said. Deshmukh added that he would shortly visit Andhra Pradesh along with senior officials to study the strict atrocity laws against women that the state had enacted.

Minister Sunil Kedar, Wardha's guardian minister, visited the hospital and had a discussion with the medical team urging them to concentrate on reviving her. “I am trying to move the victim to Mumbai or make sure that an expert based in Mumbai attends to her. My first priority is to save his life, ”he said. Kedar also stated that he would deepen the incident and discover what had led to the attack.

About three months ago, Nagrale had approached Ankita on the bus while heading to Hinganghat to talk to her. She had opposed it and also transmitted to her father Arun about her progress. Arun had reprimanded Nagrale and threatened to approach the police if he repeated his act. At that time, no police complaint was filed.

Pandurang Tumaskar, president of the governing body of the university where Ankita taught, said a passerby tried to protect her, but could not thwart the attack. A family nearby ran away with buckets of water with which they extinguished the flame and a man with a car took her to a hospital nearby from where she was referred to Nagpur and taken there escorted by police, she said. He said Ankita was a sincere and regular teacher at the university she had joined in June of last year.

Ankita's father, Arun, said he had never heard anything from his daughter after the incident on the bus. “We are completely baffled by the attack. I want strict action against Nagrale, ”he said. The family was informed by a student from my daughter's university whose father is my friend, he said.

The state commission of women took suo motu knowledge of the matter and ordered Wardha SP Basavraj Teli to take strict measures against the author and prepare an airtight case against him.

Satyaveer Bandiwar, in charge of the Hinganghat police station, stated that Nagrale was slapped with the attempted murder under section 307 and also 326A for injuring the burn under the Indian Criminal Code (IPC).


Who causes permanent or partial damage or deformation, burns, mutilations, disfigurements or disabilities in any part or parts of a person's body or causes serious pain when throwing acid or administering acid to that person, or when using any other means with the Intention to cause or with the knowledge that it is likely to cause such injury or injury, will be punishable by imprisonment of any of the descriptions for a period that will not be less than ten years, but that can be extended to life imprisonment, and with fine: provided that such fine is fair and reasonable to cover the medical expenses of the victim's treatment: provided that any fine imposed under this section is paid to the victim.

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