Rahul Roy: the character of Shah Rukh Khan in 'Darr' written considering

Rahul roy Anu Aggarwal & Deepak Tijori came together on a Show to celebrate 30 years of their 1990 musical hit, 'Aashiqui'. The trio took a walk down the memory lane to reminisce about the good ol’ days. Rahul, who became an overnight sensation post 'Aashiqui'’s release, revealed that he didn’t get any work for six months after it. “But suddenly I was offered almost 49 films & I didn’t know which to take & which to leave,” he confessed adding, “I remember a film Director & Producer had called me for a narration. I was pre-occupied with other films & couldn’t take up the offer as many of the projects I had signed on were already on floors & filmmakers were fighting for my dates.”

When they punctured him, the actor replied: Well, the movie was Darr, who then went Shahrukh khan & shaped his career. His character Rahul was written keeping me in mind. I still have the big regret of not signing that film.” Rahul also admitted that back then, opting out of the industry was his choice. “I went out for a good nine years, & that was my choice. So I can’t really complain,” he maintained.