Kundali Bhagya Update, February 3: Mahira discovers that Karan is helping Preeta

In the last episode of Kundali Bhagya , Preeta It's okay, even though he's in jail because he's sure that Karan He will get her out of jail soon.

Kareena Rakhi and Dadi scold Karan for not respecting Sherlyn. Ramona says she will not cut her birthday cake till Sherlyn go back home

Kareena tells Rakhi they must go to Sherlyn’s house and get her back at Luthra house.

Janki asks Sarla why is she happy, and Sarla says Preeta has a smile on her face after many days.

Sarla asks Shrishty to call Sameer and ask him if Karan really wants to help Preeta get out of jail. Shrishty calls Sameer and asks about Karan, Sameer says Karan is making his best efforts to help Preeta.

Sameer says that Karan does not know how to express his feelings, but he is definitely trying to get Preeta out of jail.

Ramona asks Sameer, who is on call and he says that it is an astrologer. Ramona takes the call and Shrishty talks in a different voice, and insults Ramona.

Sherlyn tells her mother that she and Rishabh They have no relationships as husband and wife. She tells her mother that someone will come soon to take her back to Luthra's house.

Rishabh asks Karan to at least respect Sherlyn as a woman of their family. Sherlyn 's mom, Sanjana is worried for her, Rakhi and Kareen arrive at her home.

Sanjana asks what happened at Luthra house. She says Rishabh must not compare his wife Sherlyn with Preeta. Rakhi and Kareena apologize to Sanjana, that Sherlyn left Luthra house late at night.

Mahira hears Rishabh telling Karan that it is good of him to help Preeta.