Krishnakoli Update, February 3: Nikhil's decision leaves Padma shocked

In the last episode of Krishnakoli , Nikhil notices Padma is speaking with someone in the middle of the night. He goes near her to find out. But Nikhil finds out Padma is blabbering. Padma pretends to be sleepwalking and leaves the place.

Nikhil gets suspicious and wonders whether Padma was blabbering while sleepwalking or speaking with someone.

Padma lets out a sigh of relief when she enters her room and closes the doors. It is revealed that Aditya had seen Nikhil coming towards Padma and that’s why he had left in a hurry. Padma decides to be more cautious since Nikhil doubts her. She thinks about the fat pay check she would receive after killing Shyama .

Next morning, Alok comes and announces, Nikhil has sent a new girl to play the dhol. Nikhil also asks them not to include Padma in their troupe. This leaves everyone in a state of shock.

Padma pretends to be innocent and pleads everyone to let her be a part of the troupe. She seeks support from everyone including Shyama and Tumpa .

While talking to Shyama, Tumpa informs her about the calls Padma is receiving these days. This irks Padma. She explains that she receives calls from her family or other people close to her.

To convinces Shyama, Padma calls up the number from which she had received a call last night. Aditya receives the call and pretends to be Padma’s brother.

However, Alok is not convinced with Padma's explanation and insists on not taking Padma in his group.