Kumkum Bhagya Update, February 3: Prachi reveals that he knows that Ranbir is innocent

In the last episode of Kumkum Bhagya , Abhi Hugs Ranbir and says he doesn't need to apologize for anything, and that he has to be strong.

Pragya comes home and says Prachi that she met Ranbir. Prachi says she does not trust Ranbir anymore. Pragya tries to make Prachi understand that Ranbir is innocent.

Maya comes outside from Prachi’s room. Prachi says she will support Maya and make sure she gets justice. Shahana and Saritaji also support Maya.

Maya tells Pragya that because Prachi is supporting her, she is motivated to fight against Ranbir. Maya leaves and Pragya tells Prachi that Maya is lying for some reason.

Rhea comes to pick up Maya and scolds her for drinking alcohol outside Prachi’s house.

Pragya says Maya wants to ruin Ranbir’s reputation. Prachi says she knows Ranbir is innocent and Maya is lying. Prachi says that Maya is being used by someone, to ruin Ranbir’s image and the real person behind everything is someone else.

Prachi says she is only pretending to support Maya. Pragya asks Prachi to inform Ranbir about the truth.

Ranbir tells Rhea that he is sorry for giving stress to everyone in the family. Rhea consoles him and asks him to rest.

Pragya is happy that her daughter, Prachi is learning to recognize the difference between right and wrong. The next morning, Prachi tells Pragya, her face is lucky for her. Pragya says even Kiara used to say the same thing.

Rhea assures Pallavi she will take care of Ranbir at college. Rhea notices Prachi ’s call on Ranbir ’s phone.