Scenic place in Basque for running, pedaling, running

On Sunday morning, more than 180 enthusiasts who participated in the duathlon organized in INS Hansa Basque The event saw Navy personnel, their families, and civilians at the duathlon , which included a 5 km run, 20 km cycling followed by another 2.5 km run. The uniqueness of the event was that it was held along the periphery of the Dabolim airport track .nThe run-cycle-run routine was really fun! He says Dinesh Heda , from Vasco, who is an avid triathlete. He adds, “Having commercial aircraft right over us and running alongside the cadets and personnel from the Navy — their fitness and zeal is at a different level — was a great experience. Running around the periphery of the track , with the breathtaking view of the sea was a privilege, thanks to the Navy !” Abhinav Wadekar from Vasco, another passionate triathlete who took part, also agrees. He tells us, “This was my second duathlon . The route was a filled with the beauty of Bogmalo beach, helipads, jets and navy personnel cheering us.”

The day began with Zumba, which was organized for the Participants to warm up before beginning the run. Tanna Sachar, from Miramar, says, “I thoroughly enjoyed my first duathalon ever. It was superbly organized in the beautiful INS Hansa area under the vigilant eyes of our defense personnel, who were yet very cheerful. ”

The Indian Naval Band was in attendance, encouraging the Participants with charming tunes. Clavin Carvalho, who won in the men’s category, tells us, “It was my first time at an event like this and I was nervous when I reached the venue, but the Navy personnel guided me well. It was a great experience overall.” Nichole Pavri and Hemant Chaturvedi won in the women’s and master’s categories respectively.