BJP has betrayed its mandate: TMC MP Mahua Moitra

NEW DELHI: On Monday, the legislator of the Trinamool Congress (TMC) accused the BJP-led government of betraying the voters who had expressed their faith in him, saying that nobody wants to be part of the debate against us.

By participating in the debate on the Motion of thanks to the President's speech at the Lok Sabha, Moitra made a strong attack against the government, saying that it should not go beyond the principles of democracy or arrogate any extra constitutional authority.

He accused the government of treason and said that people were on the streets against the Citizens Amendment Act (), the National Population Registry (NPR) and the National Citizens Registry (NRC).

As a member of the opposition, I have an unquestionable right to tell you that as a government you lack humility, Moitra said.

Do not go beyond the principles of democracy. Today, I get up to talk about treason and this betrayal is not just for me. I was not part of the 31 percent who voted for you in 2014 and the 37 percent who voted for you. in 2019. It's not about people like me. I was skeptical about you, your ideology, your rhetoric from the beginning. In a sense, you owe me little. The truth is that you have betrayed the citizen who voted for you, she said.

Moitra said the BJP did not come to power only by the votes of the Hindu right, but because a large part of the common people, the aspiring voters of the middle of the road ruled out any reservations they might have had about their past. and believed in the slogan of 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas'.

She claimed that the voters were not unconditional believers, but they still believed you and voted for you.

You have betrayed young voters waiting for their first job. You have betrayed small entrepreneurs for your demonetization decision by killing their market. You betrayed thousands of tribal people in Gujarat whose land you took to build a statue and whom you now have jobs as bathroom cleaners, he said.

Moitra accused the government of questioning the citizenship of the people who had voted for him.

Voters in the middle of the road who cannot recognize the India they live in cannot recognize the images they see on television screens. They cannot identify the hateful, poisonous invective that they see members of the ruling party vomit publicly. Moitra alleged.

He also mentioned the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp and said that all the Holocaust memorials serve as a reminder that it could happen again.

NPR, NRC and CAA are all tools in the design of Machevillian to first mark and then deprive of rights and finally annihilate. This is your greatest betrayal of those who voted for you. Nobody wants to be part of this 'we against them' debate. My friends who voted for you in 2014 are horrified by what happens on their behalf under your watch, he said.

The TMC deputy accused the BJP of demonizing dissent and forgetting dharma.

Moitra also opposed BJP electing his parliamentarian as his first speaker in the debate on the motion of thanks to the president's speech, saying that the voting panel had forbidden him from campaigning for 96 hours.

You have executive authority to do so, but your government depends on a higher authority: moral authority. You talk about Ram and Yudhishtar and you talk about Dharmputras. You speak of dharma. You build false narratives where our 'dadis' (grandmothers) become their terrorists, she said.

Moitra accused the finance minister of being afraid to set the goal of real GDP growth.

The finance minister, on the floor of the Chamber, says the nominal objective of GDP is 10 percent. In the month of December, the consumer price index was at 6.70 percent. Does that mean that the real GDP growth rate today is 3.30 percent? That is what the government says. Remember, when there is no integrity in the statistics, there is little else left, he said.

The TMC member said that per capita consumption, according to the National Sample Survey, fell in real terms between 2011-12 and 2017-18.

If we are really in a crisis, the government is doing great damage to this country by trying to delete the data and deny the accuracy of the data that exists, Moitra added.