The I-T department tells Odisha workers to pay 2.59 lakh for deposits they never made

KORAPUT: A tribal daily salary from the Nabarangpur district received a pending tax payment request of 2.59 lakh against a bank allegedly made in the 2013-14 fiscal year.

According to the notice of the 2014-15 evaluation year, which was received last month, the delinquent prosecutor - Sanadhara Gand de Pujaribharandi under the limits of the Umerkote police - had deposited Rs 1.47 million rupees in a branch of the ICICI Bank in Umerkote in 2013-14. What surprised Gand the most is the fact that the notice refers to the nature of the transaction as a wholesale of seasonal goods.

Man slapped with I-T notice suspected of identity theft

I had received a similar notice two years ago, but I paid no attention. When I received the last notice, I showed it to some of my friends in town, who identified it as an income tax notice. I don't know what to do, Gand said annoyed.

The worker said a few years ago that an acquaintance had taken his copies of his voter identification cards and Aadhaar. These, he thinks now, may have been used to carry out illegal transactions on his behalf.

At that time, I was working as a worker in Umerkote. A merchant I knew had taken copies of my Aadhaar, voter ID card and other documents. I suspect that I could have opened a bank account in my name to carry out the transactions, he said, adding that he could file a police report.

An income tax officer in Jeypore in the Koraput district said the notice had been sent based on the bank statement of the account holder.

Who operated the account does not worry us, said the official.