Doctors remove a 4-inch arrow from the child's head in Madhya Pradesh

INDORE: The surgery of luck and precision saved the life of a three-year-old boy after an arrow pierced his skull in a village in the Alirajpur district, dominated by tribes.

With the arrowhead embedded 4 inches inside his head, the boy suffered incredible agony for almost two days and a 200 km trip, but the suffering was worth it when he was placed in the right hands at MY Hospital. The arrow was removed in an hour and a half surgery on January 31.

The child is now stable and is expected to recover. The boy's father said the duo was going to water his farm the night of January 29 when an arrow shot in the dark pierced the boy's skull. Almost a week later, the family has no idea who shot the arrow.

Lucky boy surviving the arrow shot

With the arrow sticking out of his head, the boy was taken to a primary health center, then to another government hospital before being referred to MY Hospital on January 30.

“The boy was completely aware. His motor functions were normal, but the arrow was deeply stuck, which increased the risk of bleeding, the head of neurosurgery at MGM Medical College, Dr. Rakesh Gupta, told TOI.

The doctors carried out X-rays and CT scans to determine the exact location of the arrow and devise a strategy to extract it. “The boy is very lucky. The arrow omitted areas that control important bodily functions, ”said Dr. Gupta. Dr. Gupta and Dr. Zafar Sheikh performed the surgery with the help of anesthetist Dr. Rashmi Pal and Dr. Rashpal on January 31.

The operation continued for an hour and a half, before we could remove the arrowhead, said the neurosurgeon. The boy regained consciousness soon and is fine, he said.

The biggest concern of doctors now is the infection. The arrowhead was rusty and could carry bacteria. They are monitoring the child's condition.