Mumbai: the man tries to strangle the lover by the tracks, hit by train

MUMBAI: A 37-year-old man, on vacation here with his lover, died after being hit by a train on Matunga Road moments after he allegedly tried to strangle her. The woman survived. Mumbai Central GRP has registered a case of accidental death.

The man, who lived with his family, became familiar with the woman when she approached him to ask for a loan. The widow has older daughters. The couple gradually approached and she never returned the money.

On January 18, the couple arrived here by bus from Dhule, went down to Bandra and spent time together. The man told him that he would send her home alone on a train, a police officer said.

The couple boarded a Western Railway train from Bandra and got off at Matunga Road. The man said they would have to walk the tracks to get to Dadar Terminus, so that a long-distance train would go home. The woman had never been to Mumbai before. CCTV images from the platform show the two walking together, police said. .

Arriving at an isolated stretch along the tracks, the man told him to wait while he was going to answer the call of nature. Then he approached her from behind and supposedly tried to strangle her with his dupatta. The woman was surprised and tried to break free.

When he felt that she was giving up the fight, he released her, picked up her luggage and ran at full speed along the tracks, but did not notice a train approaching. We recorded the declaration of the motorist, who confirmed that he was accidentally hit by the train. The woman ran in the opposite direction and climbed onto the platform. He saw the women who were traveling and the police personnel, and narrated everything. She was taken to a GRP her statement was recorded and the man's body was sent for an autopsy.

Days after the incident, the man's family demanded an investigation. They suspected the participation of women in her death. We examine images from several cameras at the station. No evidence was found to suggest their participation, an officer said. It is not clear why the man tried to strangle the woman, although police suspect it might have been his debt. The isolated section where he escorted her has been the crime scene in a couple of murder cases in the past. A probe is on its way.

(The names of the deceased and the woman have been kept confidential)