The daily salaried worker of Odisha receives an I-T notice for the rupee transaction of 1.47

BHUBANESWAR :, a daily salaried worker from the Nabarangpur district of Odisha, was surprised when he received a notice from the Department of Income Tax (I-T) for conducting bank transactions of Rs 1.47 crore.

The I-T Department sent a notice to Sanadhara Gand, a resident of the village of Purjaribharandi, asking him to pay 2.59 lakh of taxes for bank transactions of Rs 1.47 million.

I received a notice from the I-T Department, which asked me to pay Rs 2.59 lakh. I have no idea. How will I pay the amount of the tax, said Gand, who earns a small amount to meet both ends?

The notice has been submitted for the 2014-2015 evaluation year. He claimed that his employer was behind the transaction.

He said that his employer, Pappu Aggarwal, also of his people, cheated him by taking his signature on a blank paper and dirt patta.

I was working as a servant of Aggarwal for about seven years. During that time, Patta asked me for my land, which I gave him. I don't know what he did with that. I have now received a notice from the IT Department for transactions of the large amount made at ICICI Bank, Gand said.