Tamil Nadu: hours after the wife's suicide, the man jumps before training with his daughters

VELLORE: A 30-year-old man allegedly committed suicide with his two young daughters by jumping in front of a train near Walajah House after the Road Railway station in the Ranipet district on Monday night.

Policed ‚Äč‚Äčidentified the man as Venkatesan from the Kodaikkal village near Sholingur. He had taken the extreme step of not being able to accept his wife's suicide. Earlier that day, his wife Nirmala, 24, was found hanging at home, after a dispute with his in-laws.

A police officer said Venkatesan was working as a nurse in a private hospital in Madurai and had been married for four years.

The couple had two daughters: Sanjhana Sri, 2, and Rithika Sri, 1.

Venkatesan worked in Madurai and used to visit his family on vacation. Nirmala used to live with his in-laws in the village of Kodaikkal. On Monday morning, Nirmala committed suicide by hanging.

An RDO investigation led by Ranipet Elambagavath is related to his death.

Venkatesan, afflicted, was in shock after the news. Unable to deal with the situation, he took his two daughters and jumped in front of the Shatbadi Express around 7 p.m.

Upon information, the Katpadi government railway and Ranipet police officers rushed to the scene and recovered the bodies.

An investigation is being carried out. The bodies were sent to the Ranipet government hospital.

The couple's death and the two children threw a cloud of sadness over the town of Kodaikkal.