Shaheen Bagh, Jamia are a plot to destroy harmony: PM Modi

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi On Monday, he launched an attack against continued anti-CAA agitation in Jamia Millia and elsewhere, saying they marked an effort to disrupt the harmony of the protesters who were using the tricolor and the Constitution to mask their true intent.

He said the professed loyalty of the protesters to the Constitution was a hoax intended to distract attention from the conspirators' real intention and asked voters in Delhi to support BJP to prevent anarchy from spreading further.

“Jamia ho and Shaheen Bagh, pichhle kai dino se, citizenship amendment law ko leke pradarshan hui. Kya ye pradarshan sanyog hai? Ji nahin, ye sanyog nahin, ye prayog hai. Iske pichhe rajniti ka ek aisa design hai, jo rashtra ke sauhadra ko khandit karne ka irada rakhta hai. (Whether Jamia or Shaheen Bagh, anti-CAA demonstrations have been going on in recent days. Are these demonstrations random events? No, they represent a policy designed to destroy national harmony), the prime minister said while he asked voters in Delhi that frustrate the mentality that, if not verified, can cause similar blockages in other places as well.

The PM's aggressive remark came as he addressed his first campaign rally in Delhi and were in sync with BJP 's attempt to rally the public opinion against the sit-in at Shaheen Bagh which has gone on for over 50 days now and sparked resentment in adjoining residential areas

“Look at the huge inconvenience it has been causing to people who commute from Delhi to Noida. People of Delhi are watching. They may be silent. But they are seething with resentment over this display of politics of vote-bank. This mindset has to be checked here itself. For, if the conspirators get powerful, more roads and lanes will be blocked similarly. We cannot allow Delhi to be pushed in the throes of anarchy. We have to stop this and every vote for BJP will help its spread. Only BJP can do that, ”he said in the backdrop of an attempt by the party to blame its rivals AAP and Congress for the Shaheen Bagh blockade.

The objective of the Prime Minister's attack against Shaheen Bagh, which provoked strong cheers from the large crowd, was aimed at undermining the legitimacy that protesters have tried to obtain by displaying the tricolor and carrying copies of the Constitution. The prime minister suggested that the demonstration of faith in constitutionality at anti-CAA protest sites was only a stealth tactic. “Otherwise, they would have paid attention to the spirit of a series of court pronouncements in which they emphasized that protests should not result in violence, loss of public property and difficulties for people. After all, the courts derive their authority from the same Constitution, ”he said.

Modi also claimed that AAP and Congress were the reason why protests have persisted. This should have been canceled after the government guarantee (that the CAA will not deprive anyone of citizenship and the implementation of the NRC is not yet on the table). But AAP and Congress are playing politics and all these things have now been exposed.

As BJP’s aggressive election campaign enters the last leg, Modi sought votes by referring to the central government’s initiatives for the country and the city and put spotlight on protests over CAA. Modi will address the second rally in Dwarka on Tuesday.

The PM said Delhi’s development will get a major boost after BJP comes to power in Delhi. Delhi will become free of water tankers and get better sanitation. Modi urged people to come out in large numbers and vote for BJP and NDA in Delhi elections. “Each vote polled for BJP candidates will boost my strength also. Time has come to change Delhi, ”he said adding that in the 21st century only the politics of development will work not politics of hate.

Modi said those who questioned the Batla House meeting are now saving the people who raised 'tukde tukde' slogans. The prime minister also criticized Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal who had raised questions about the surgical attacks carried out by the Army.

Aware that the tans Yamuna area where the rally was held is home to a large number of 1731 unauthorized colonies, Modi listed out the Center giving ownership rights to over 40 lakh people living in such colonies in different parts of the city. Without naming the AAP government, the PM said it was done despite obstacles being created. The development of these colonies will get a boost after BJP comes to power in Delhi, he said.

The PM said all those living in slums in Delhi will get ‘pucca’ houses equipped with toilet, gas and electricity connection. In an indirect attack on AAP government which has not implemented Ayushman Bharat Yojna and PM Awas Yojna in Delhi, Modi said they will continue to obstruct welfare projects till they are in power because they know nothing other than politics. Modi touched on national issues like abolition of, construction of Ram Temple and CAA for giving citizenship to persecuted minorities from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. He said the BJP believes in positivity and keeps the national interest supreme.

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