Rohit Sharma retires on tour in New Zealand

MUMBAI: The calf injury that Rohit Sharma suffered in the fifth International T20 against New Zealand on Sunday took him out of the game and the ODI series.

However, he is an old hamstring who goes back to chasing the batter once again, which causes him to lose even more the series of tests that begins later this month and the local series against South Africa thereafter.

Standing as a pattern for virat Kohli in the fifth T20, Rohit retired injured from the game after a 41-ball 60, when a rather strange reverse sweep forced him to leave the field. While this particular injury needs rest, Rohit has more on his plate due to the terrible hamstrings that have been chasing him for a while.

Rohit had suffered the injury for the first time in the tri-series before the 2015 World Cup against Australia, a game in which he beat 138 with class before not participating in the tournament. In the IPL Last year, Rohit had once again stretched the hamstrings during practice, after which the batter had to miss a game, finally captained by a teammate. Kieron Pollard .

There is a lesion in the calf muscle, but that is interim. It is not serious enough for you to miss the whole month or more. The hamstring is also a problem. It has been for a while and needs adequate recovery time. Those who know say.

TOI can confirm that Rohit had requested that the team be able to challenge him from the local series against South Africa, which will be played after the New Zealand tour in March.

The prolific batsman had planned his road ahead bearing in mind the 2020 edition of the IPL, the Asia Cup in September, followed by the World T20 in October and I didn't mind taking a break from the series against South Africa to focus on a complete break.

"But this is something he'll have to be a little careful about. A break will do him excellently well. Most of the cricket that India play between now and the World T20, barring the IPL and Asia Cup , is pretty much insignificant. So, there's little to worry about as long as his recovery is taken care of," say sources.

Gill set to appear in the test series

Rohit is unlikely to play any cricket now until the IPL starting March 29. Meanwhile, the team management had already made up its mind to introduce young Shubman gill in the series of tests against New Zealand.