BJP presents MP controversial in LS, opposition withdraws

NEW DELHI: The Lok sabha He witnessed a great drama on Monday when the opposition withdrew after the BJP deputy, who had been in controversy over his speeches during the Delhi election campaign, adhered to his aggressive tone to criticize Congress for protests against CAA/NRC and urged the opposition to sing Jai Shri Ram.

Verma, who was briefly banned from campaigning, was sent to start the debate on the motion of thanks to the President's speech.

Singing to wash away sins: Verma for oppn

It turned out to be a red rag for the opposition, which organized a strike by raising slogans of sharam karo despite President Om Birla's pleas.

The President, who had urged parliamentarians protesting to return to their seats, told them that the CAA was approved after due process in both Houses and could not be discussed again.

The scathing and prepared speech for an hour of Verma, which he read aloud, seemed largely a campaign for the Delhi polls, as he accused the opposition and Congress of falling into the politics of the voting bank. “They should know what Narendra Modi's government is. We will not recover CAA. It is a matter of the country's integrity, he said.

The Delhi parliamentarian said that Congress had created problems like articles 370 and 35A and that BJP was solving them to strengthen the country.

Affirming that Shaheen Bagh's sitting was not against CAA, he said protesters cheered Pakistan and talked about cutting off Assam and J&K from India.

As for Ayodhya, Verma asked the opposition (only TMC was present) to sing Jai Shri Ram to wash away sins. At one point, he accused Congress of removing images of Ram, Krishna and Hanuman from the copy of the Constitution.

In the morning, the Chamber witnessed the continued interruption of the opposition with Congress, the DMK and the BSP holding posters against CAA, NRC and NPR and congressional parliamentarians breaking into the well during question time.

The junior finance minister was at the receiving end of much of the slogans after his controversial comment after gaddaron ko, with opposition parliamentarians who referred to him as goli mantri and raised slogans below and embarrassed each time. He got up to talk. Congressional parliamentarians also raised azadi slogans from CAA, NPR and NRC using their protest banners to block the speakers from the treasure bank. The minister of parliamentary affairs also asked opposition parliamentarians to express their concerns during the discussion on the motion of thanks to the president's speech.