The story behind Anil Kapoor's tattoos in 'Malang'

Anil Kapoor, who plays Anjaney Agashe, a gray-shaded police officer in ' Malang ', you will see wearing temporary tattoos, a skull on each arm, in the movie. Although his presence on the screen and acting skills are enough to make his character look compelling, tattoos were added to his appearance as part of the narrative. Anil shares: “I met a local tattoo artist in London, who asked me many questions about my past and my present, which intrigued me. I didn't know that tattoo artists dug so deep to meet you as a person, before deciding on the design. Finally, it didn't work with her, and we got someone from India. Finalizing the design of my character was not a decision overnight, he thought a lot. Tattoos are crucial for the character, since they take him to his past, give him energy, positive and negative, and a reason to live.

So, were tattoos added to give your character a more menacing look? The actor responds: It is more internal. The character has layers and is not someone who wakes up in the morning, combs, shaves or grows a beard to appear threatening. Whatever he does, comes organically to him. I have not used tattoos as an accessory. It just helps me get into the character.

Interestingly, Anil has no permanent tattoo. Speaking of why he never got one, he reveals: I wanted to do it, but Sunita (his wife) was against it and warned me that I would not be allowed to enter the house if they inked me. Harsh and Sonam are the only two family members who have tattoos. Harsh has the names of his two sisters, Sonam and Rhea, engraved on his back. I joke with him that his girlfriends and his wife will be afraid of them. Sonam was in Singapore when they inked her without informing anyone.