Defense Minister Rajnath Singh announces the creation of 10 additional defense attachments

NEW DELHI: Minister of Defense Rajnath Singh On Monday he announced the creation of 10 more publications of Defense Attaches (DA) to increase India's strength in defense diplomacy.

A large country like India cannot restrict its defense cooperation to a few. Efforts must be made to continuously expand it. This will further strengthen India's defense diplomacy, Singh said by announcing the creation of 10 new ones so that 10 more Defense Attacks (DA)) could be designated.

The government has introduced a new scheme to promote defense exports through DAs to their respective countries. Under this scheme, funds have been allocated for export promotion to 34 countries. Rajnath Singh hoped that the DAs will use this fund judiciously to promote defense exports, according to a press release.

Earlier, Singh said that India has shown that it can disturb and deter terrorist groups and their masters.

The continued presence of terrorist infrastructure and state support for terrorists in the neighboring country have tested India's patience. However, as a responsible and powerful nation, India had demonstrated that it was capable of disrupting and deterring the activities of terrorist groups and their sponsors, Singh said by addressing the third Defense Attack Conference in New Delhi.

Speaking about the threats in the Indian Ocean and the Indo-Pacific region, the Minister said: We need to be more focused to secure our interests. We have taken proactive measures to promote peace and stability in the region, as well as to increase defense and security cooperation with countries on the edge of the Indian Ocean to create a stable maritime environment.