Update from Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, February 3: Mishti confesses his love for Abir in front of everyone

In the last episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke , Mishti He informs Kunal that Open He left the lake side in an ambulance.

Mishti guesses that Open might have gone to her house. Open reaches at the temple.

Meenakshi asks Kunal why is he not taking the car towards the lake. Kunal says Open is not present at the lake and Mishti is also in search of him, leaving her own wedding.

Mishti passes by the temple and hears the bell with which, Open makes a noise at the temple. Mishti calls Open ’s name and he hears her.

Open comes running to Mishti when he sees her standing on top of the ambulance. Mishti says she realised that she made a wrong decision when she agreed to marry Nishant .

Open promises her, he shall not let anything or anyone come between them.

Mishti and Open 's families also reach at the temple. Nishant asks Open to leave Mishti ’s hand as he wants to take her home with him.

Rajshri tells everyone that Mishti shall not marry Nishant. Vishambhar says that Open has hurt Mishti and Meenakshi would not accept Mishti . Mishti and Open apologise to Vishambhar and Rajshri .

Vishambhar asks Mishti what does she wants.

Mishti tells everyone that Open had met an accident, and she only wanted to make sure if he is fine.

Mishti apologises to Nishant that she cannot marry him and ruin his life keeping him in a loveless marriage for a lifetime.

Mishti tells Nishant she loves Open .