Increase in road deaths: 417 lives lost every day in 2019

NEW DELHI: The number of deaths rose to 417 per day last year through September, the road transport ministry told Rajya Sabha on Monday. During 2018, traffic accidents claimed 415 daily lives.

In a written response to a question, the Union road transport minister said the road had a maximum of just over 1.51 lakh in 2018 and according to the provisional estimate of deaths shared by the states until September 2019 It stood at about 1.13 lakh.

This increase has been recorded despite several government efforts to control road fatalities, including the approval of amendments to the Vehicle Law with provisions for higher penalties for violators of traffic regulations. The impact of the change in the law can be assessed when we obtain data on traffic accidents and deaths between September and December. The new provisions became effective as of September 1. It will be interesting to see the trends of states that have notified the law and others that have not yet aligned, said a government official.

The marginal increase in deaths is also presented as bad news only two weeks before world leaders meet in Stockholm to assess the progress made by countries to control road deaths and also to prepare the road map to halve deaths in 2030. India has a giant 10% share of all road deaths worldwide .