Taruwar, the Kohli who never played for India

CHANDIGARH: Taruwar Kohli he will be best remembered for being the third top scorer of the 2008 U-19 World Cup victorious team captained by the current captain of India virat Kohli . But 12 years down the line, the Jalandhar-born Taruwar Kohli blames his inconsistent performances that pushed him into the shadows.

While Virat had achieved 235 races in the 2008 U19 World Cup, Taruwar, with 218 races and three consecutive fifties, was not far behind. But he admits that he could not take advantage of those opportunities at the right time, but he hopes that it will be worth while preparing for the penultimate match of the Mizoram Ranji Trophy Trophy against Chandigarh starting Tuesday.

I see it as taking advantage of opportunities at the right time. It's as simple as that. After the U19 World Cup, he (Virat) grabbed it with both hands, and I lost it many times. In IPL, I played for two teams ( Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab) and they couldn't do much. Even in Ranji Trophy, after scoring a triple century for Punjab, he could have done better after those times. It depends on the person and how he takes advantage of those crucial opportunities. I don't see any excuse, I think I'm guilty of not doing so, the 31-year-old said on Monday to TOI.

Taruwar praised the sacrifices made by the patron of India before his transition to being the Indian's treadmill. Cricket team, while adding that he hopes to make his domestic performances count one day.

The transition that Virat has introduced in his life is due to many sacrifices, and he has been determined to become the number 1. From our camps of children under 17 and under 19, I remember that he used to set the standards of how he wanted to become In the best of the group. That is what he has achieved and that is what we are also learning from him, he said.

"We also want to be there with him and I think I have a lot of Cricket left in me and I am looking forward to be at my best," he hopes.

Mentoring role

Returning to the Ranji Trophy match against Chandigarh at the Mahajan Cricket Ground here, Taruwar said he plays a double role in the preparation of the young Northeast side.

The kind of experience that I and Captain KB Pawan bring to the table, we see ourselves as team mentors. Regardless of the experience we have, we try to pass it on to the youngest players on the team, he said.

"For them it's very new, it's like playing under-16 Cricket , even the senior ones lack the knowledge and temperament of building an innings and bat for longer periods. They also need guidance on how to take time early on and go after various bowlers after reading the pitch," he added.

Lack of recognition in the plate group

In the 2019-20 edition of the Ranji Trophy, Taruwar has so far accumulated 834 seven-game races, including a triple century against Arunachal Pradesh and two centuries. But the main hitter is aware of the label of being a Plate Group hitter.

He says: It is frustrating, but since childhood, what we have learned is simply to control the controllable. Do what is in your hands, which is to score races and obviously I know that I need to score twice as many races in the plate group compared to the elite group, if I have to be recognized.

Personally, it is my second season for Mizoram and I have done well, last year I also scored about 800 races, this year has been even better. I have set my own standards, he added.

Future plans

Taruwar said he will always be grateful to Mizoram Cricket for helping his career reshape but also pointed out that he will look out for more options at the end of the season while keeping his current team as the priority.

"I am extremely thankful to Mizoram Cricket for helping me get my career back on track. After Punjab Cricket , it was Mizoram last year, who trusted in my abilities and allowed me to play for them. Let's see how this season ends, and see what options I have in hand. But Mizoram will be always be a priority for me," he said.