Update from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, February 3: Naira tries to find out who misbehaved with Trisha

In the last episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, the inspector tells him Kartik Missing Trisha's phone a. Add that they will try to track it.

Vansh He says Luv & Kush that Kairav is saying they are trying to plant a sapling from wafers’s packet. Luv & Kush says that they did not put a packet of chips but it was something else for their science project.

The truck driver He says Kartik & Naira that he is innocent because Trsiha did not give him time to save her. Kartik & Naira believe him.

Naira comes home & He says the Goenkas that someone molested Trisha . She feels guilty for not taking care of Trisha.

Naira He says Dadi that the police think Trisha tried to commit suicide, & Naira does not stop crying. Kairav comforts Naira & she falls asleep.

Kush He says Luv that they must confess in front of their families that they have hurt Trisha . Luv asks Kush to not say anything to anyone.

Doctor sends a picture of a locket that was found on Trisha ’s dress. Naira later sees the same locket around Abhishek’s neck. Naira He says him that the inspector found the same locket in Trisha ’s clothes.

Surekha hears this & gets angry with Naira for questioning Abhishek questions the locket. Naira tries to tell Surekha chachi that she did not intend to hurt her or her sons.

Surekha says Luv & Kush are mischievous but they cannot commit a big crime.

Naira apologises to Luv & Kush .