Offer to raise issues of CAA, NPR, NRC that are sinking in Parliament: Congress

NEW DELHI: The attack on the government on the NPR and on Monday, claiming that it was not allowed to discuss issues in Parliament and that their efforts in this regard were sinking in an undemocratic way.

The main spokesman of the Congress, Anand Sharma, also trained his weapons in the Main Minister of Uttar Pradesh to make certain statements, which alleged that they were inciting people to fall into violence, and said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should apologize for it .

Ministers have made statements that are provocative, incendiary and abusive. Yesterday in Delhi, the Uttar Pradesh prime minister made statements that are unacceptable ... talking about shooting people, sending them to jail. and demanded an apology for the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the prime minister for it.

Sharma said that never before have the main ministers made such comments in the country's history.

The opposition leader in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad said that almost all opposition parties, including the DMK, CPI, CPM, NCP, RJD, TMC, SP and BSP, gave notices under Rule 267 to suspend all business and discuss citizenship (Amendment) Law (CAA), National Population Registry (NPR) and National Registry of Citizens (NRC).

During the last two months, the whole country is on the road since the citizenship bill became an act. The NPR was asked before, but the questions were simple. But in this NPR under this government, other details such as the father's date of birth have been requested, he said.

The government presents it as a Hindu-Muslim problem. We all feel that there is no Hindu-Muslim problem, the former Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir added.

The government was doing all this to deliberately divert attention from its breach of its promises, he said, adding: They keep giving us toys to keep us busy.

If there is no discussion in Parliament about what is happening in the country during the last seven weeks, where will it take place then? Sharma asked.

We were not allowed to raise the problems we wanted to raise, he said.

The congressional leader claimed that the violence was being orchestrated by the government, which was arrogant and insensitive.

Now this (Parliament) is the highest forum for discussion and debate, and the Opposition cannot even mention the notices that have been submitted so that the country does not know what the Opposition has asked for, he said.

When asked about the President rejecting the postponement notices, Sharma said: With all due respect, the President cannot tell the Opposition how to speak and when to speak. When a notice has been issued under the rules, it is our right. We know under what to decide which issue should be raised.

He said that everything could not be put in a box of motion of thanks, which was sponsored by the government, and doing so was deeply disturbing.

Under the accusation of the BJP that Congress supported the protests against the CAA, Sharma said: I hear it for the first time. The Congress party has a long history of democratic protests, struggle and service to the country. Surely we do not need any condescending sermons, wherever they come from, nor do we need any certification of our credentials as a national, inclusive and democratic party, that believes in India, which is liberal, secular, tolerant and defending the Constitution of India .