Kahaan Hum Update Kahaan Tum, February 3: Sonakshi receives pieces of paper with his forged signature; doubts Nishi Sippy

In the last episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum , Sonakshi He wonders who tried to kill Naren. Pari tells Suman that Viren asked him at his first meeting if he is a virgin.

Pari says he will make Rohan beg him to marry.

Sonakshi thinks that the person who forged her sign must have practiced imitating her sign on papers. She asks Vimmy to help her search the trash for papers.

Nishi looks for his pen and Yk throws the pen towards her. She catches the pen with her left hand, and Yk appreciates how Nishi can efficiently work with both her hands simultaneously.

Sonakshi and Vimmy search in the garbage for the papers and find bits of papers which have Sonakshi’s fake sign on it. Vimmy says, that particular bin is from Nishi bua The room

One of Rohit ’S patients, a little girl says that she is Sonakshi’s fan. The girl refuses to take the tests and her mother says that if Sonakshi comes at the hospital she may take the tests.

Rohit calls Sonakshi but she does not pick up his call.

Sonakshi thinks Nishi bua forged her signature on the prenup papers. After Nishi and Yk leave their room, Sonakshi goes to their room and searches for another clue.

Nishi forgets her phone in her room and goes back to get it. Sonakshi finds the pen and notepad on which Nishi had practiced Sonakshi's signature.

Sonakshi opens the door to leave and Yk sees her. Sonakshi says she wants the contact of the technician who handles their computer.

Sonakshi takes the pen and notepad to the inspector and tells him everything she found out. Inspector doubts Nishi and Yk .

Nishi notices that her pen was not in the same place she had left. Yk informs Nishi that Sonakshi had come in their room, and Nishi understands that Sonakshi was trying to look for something.