Shaheen Bagh agitation: SC appeal seeks protestors removal

NEW DELHI: A statement was filed on Monday seeking an address for authorities to withdraw protesters who were agitating since December 15 of last year, saying they are causing difficulties to people by blocking the arterial path that connect Delhi to Noida.

Restrictions have been imposed on the Kalindi Kunj-Shaheen Bagh section and the Okhla underpass, which closed on December 15 last year due to continued protests against the Citizenship Law (Amendment) and the National Registry of Citizens ().

The declaration presented in the superior court has sought to establish exhaustive and exhaustive guidelines related to direct restrictions for the holding of protests or agitations that lead to the obstruction of the public place.

The statement, presented by former Delhi MLA Nand Kishore Garg, said the law enforcement machinery was being held hostage to the whims and fantasies of protesters who have blocked the movement of vehicles and pedestrians from the road connecting Delhi to Noida

It is disappointing that the state machinery is a silent and silent spectator in the face of vandalism and vandalism of protesters who threaten the existential effectiveness of democracy and the rule of law and who have already taken the situation of law and order in their own hands, said the statement, presented through lawyer Shashank Deo Sudhi.

He said that the agitation in Shaheen Bagh is undoubtedly within the constitutional parameter, but all the protest has lost its legality when the protections enshrined in the Constitution mock and violate shamelessly and blatantly for the subsequent purpose.

The state has a duty to protect the fundamental rights of citizens who were continually harassed by the blockage of the arterial route, he said.

Therefore, it is urgently required that public places are not allowed to be mistreated and mistreated for further purposes and in bad faith, such as organizing a protest against the amendment of the constitution in the heart of the capital city and, therefore, , cause incalculable difficulties and difficulties for ordinary people, he said.

He said that a similar litigator was presented by another litigator in the superior court of Delhi who had ordered the local authority to deal with the situation taking into account the law and order.

Attorney Amit Sahni, who had addressed the superior court with a guilty plea seeking instructions to the police to ensure a smooth flow of traffic on the Kalindi Kunj-Shaheen Bagh section, has already filed an appeal in the superior court against the order of the superior court of January 14.

Sahni has filed a special license petition in the higher court seeking supervision of the situation in Shaheen Bagh, where several women sit in protest, by a retired judge of the Supreme Court or a acting judge of the Delhi Superior Court to bypass any violence.