Update from Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka, February 3: Parveen tries to sacrifice Aliya's baby to regain his powers

In the last episode of Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka Salma hits A man for not trusting his wife, Roshni . Baazigar enters and implies that he knows about the baby .

Baazigar takes A man , Roshni and Aliya towards the black forest of jinn s. A man is worried for Aliya being at the forest but she insists that she wants to help him find their baby .

Parveen reaches the Jinnat cave, and when she will send the baby inside the cave she will get her Sifriti jinn powers of return.

Parveen keeps the baby in a basket and sends it towards the cave through the lake. Aliya ’s snake informs her that baby is near the lake and she tells A man to go in the direction of the lake.

A man tells Roshni to go back in the car when she offers to help. Roshni stays back while Aliya and A man go towards the lake.

A man and Aliya face difficulties, reaching at the lake. A man reveals to Aliya that he has magical powers, and with the help of his powers they both find a way to go ahead in the forest.

Tabeezi learns that A man , Aliya and Roshni have gone to the black forest. Roshni reaches near the lake and sees the baby . She calls out A man and Aliya . Parveen hides behind a tree, when she sees Roshni .

Parveen attacks Roshni from behind. Roshni gets a cut on her hand. A man freezes the lake and saves the baby .

The energy from the cave tries to take the baby inside when A man holds the baby in his arms. A man and the baby are about to be sucked in by the magical Jinnat cave.

Tabeezi notices that Parveen is not in her room. Tabeezi predicts that Parveen might have tried to sacrifice the baby , to gain her jinn powers of return.