Update from Choti Sardarni, February 3: Sarabjeet organizes a movie date for Meher

In the last episode of Choti Sardarni , Kulwant declares that Meher she will give birth to her first child in her ‘mayka’. This has been the tradition.

However, Sarab is of the opinion that Meher will give birth at the hospital.

Meher goes to the hospital with Sarab for check-up. Meher tells Sarab to concentrate in the upcoming election. He tells that Meher is his only responsibility now.

Kulwant is super annoyed to learn that Meher won’t be visiting her home for the childbirth. She has taken it in her ego and promises to herself that she will make Meher change her decision.

Kulwant tries to convince Dolly massi and make Meher change her decision. She tells Dolly that astrologer has foreseen some negative influence in Meher's life.

Dolly returns home and tells Harleen to organize a baby shower for Meher so that they can send her off to ‘mayka’.

Harleen thinks of this as an opportunity to get rid of Meher and gain control over the household.

Meher feels uncomfortable and Sarab panics. Meher tells him to just have some patience.

Sarab goes out of the house and tells her to meet at the lawn at 8.45. Meher doesn’t want to. He calls her at the exact time and asks her to come out. Meher fights with him over the phone only to find out that Sarab has organized a cute movie date at the lawn.

Sarab and Meher praise the actress and actor of the movie and call each other jealous. They end up arguing while watching the movie.