I would feel ashamed if my movie is not good: Jiiva

Actor Jiiva It sounded very hopeful when speaking at the audio release of his next movie Seeru . He said: I have come to promote my films in this place several times. I would feel ashamed if my movie is not good. But this time, I'm very happy because this movie went well.

The actor revealed that he is playing the role of a cable television operator, who is a lively young man. The script is fantastic, and the director's storytelling skills are sharp. This is a commercial movie of pucca. It will satisfy everyone, he added.

He praised all the songs of D I'm a man in the movie and shared that Ranveer I had specifically asked for Kacheri Kacheri's song and I danced it in the 83 launch audio Ranveer praised I'm a man Mr.'s songs a lot, he reported.