After the Ram temple, VHP will focus on uniting all Hindus

ALLAHABAD: The president of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) said Monday that, since the main agenda of the organization to build the Ram temple has almost been achieved, it will now focus on bringing `` (harmony) among Hindu communities to eradicate the caste system to ensure unity among all Hindus

In informing reporters about the three-day meeting of Samajik Samrasta held at the current Magh Mela, Kokje said: “Since our main motto for building Lord Ram's temple is over, we will launch the samrasta campaign on a war footing throughout the country and we will focus on the new generation to eradicate the caste system and achieve unity among all Hindus. We will include religious speeches (sat-sang) and emphasize restoring the ancient glory of our culture, and provide all kinds of assistance to those in need. ”

Simply celebrating sah bhoj (community party) would not bring samrasta. There is a need for constructive measures to eradicate the caste system, ”he added.

“The Ram temple had always been the main priority of VHP and now, since the court ordered the construction of the temple in Ayodhya, we are now focusing on samrasta among Hindus. Efforts have been made for centuries to break the unit and we have to verify those elements, Kokje said.

“There is no conflict in the temple model, but I hope that the trust formed by the government will also consider the VHP model. About 60% of the stone carving for a two-story temple is already made and the VHP model has become popular. We will give you suggestions if the trust requests it, ”he added.

Kokje, however, demanded that only (the devotees) be included in the trust.

Referring to the ongoing protests against the new citizenship law, he said: It is an attempt to alter the functioning of the Union government and many groups are behind it. Muslims are expressing frustration over recent events, such as the repeal of articles 370, 35 A, the prohibition of triple talaq and the approval of the court for the Ram temple.