Hegde comments on the freedom movement: Cong says slap sedition case, apologizes for PM

NEW DELHI: Congress on Monday accused the BJP of practicing policies of violence and polarization, and requested a case of sedition against Karnataka MP and an apology from Prime Minister Narendra Modi for Hegde's comments against the freedom movement led by Mahatma Gandhi.

The opposition party demanded that the Prime Minister come to Parliament and clarify his position on Hegde's objectionable comments, and said it was time for Modi to prove whether his loyalty was to Gandhi's killer, Nathuram Godse or the Father of the Nation .

When questioning the freedom movement led by Gandhi, Hegde said it was an adjustment with the British and that freedom fighters had asked the British to imprison them and take care of them properly.

The main spokesman for Congress, Anand Sharma, said that since Parliament is in session, the Prime Minister must go there and clarify his position, even when he accused the BJP of being desperate to win the Delhi polls for which he practiced politics of violence and polarization.

We demand that the prime minister come to the Chamber and clarify his position. This feeds that he is not happy, he is angry, we are not worried about that, why this happens. Mr. Prime Minister, why is such a thing allowed, he asked.

They are belittling the national movement. If the Prime Minister and the BJP government are sincere about the 150th anniversary celebrations of Mahatma Gandhi's birth, we demand that the Prime Minister come to Parliament and clarify his position, he said.

They are desperate for the elections. Just to get some votes in the Delhi elections, they have inflicted deep wounds on the soul of India, he said.

The leader of the Congress said: In the same ideology, mentality, thought and language of the BJP, there is violence. The physical violence that they orchestrate, unleash and provoke and what really provokes, unleashes violence, is this mentality, ideology and thought.

Sharma said earlier that there could be no greater insult to the national movement of India and to those who sacrificed everything to give freedom to the country.

The prime minister, BJP's leadership as a whole has to apologize for these things, he said.

He said that one could understand why the high leaders of the BJP insulted the memory of Mahatma Gandhi, since they had never been part of the struggle for freedom.

They despise the national movement, the struggle for freedom, because they are ideological descendants of those who not only did not participate, but actively opposed the freedom movement, opposed Mahatma Gandhi, opposed the 'Quit India' movement and supported To the British.

The only way there can be some penance, if the Prime Minister and the BJP government are sincere in commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Father of the Nation. This country needs an answer.

Affirming that the statement of the parliamentarian of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was condemnable, Rajasthan, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot They said that the leaders of the saffron party could afford to call the freedom movement a drama since they never fought for the independence of the country and made no sacrifice.

Such statements reveal his true mentality that they use Gandhi's name just to show and don't take it into account, he said.

In demanding Hegde's expulsion from the BJP, Congress spokesman Jaiveer Shergill said it was time for the Prime Minister to prove whether his loyalty was to Godse or Gandhi.

The Prime Minister did not take action against Pragya Thakur, who continues to insult Mahatma Gandhi daily, and now, Anantkumar Hegde has joined the chorus of 'hate bapu'. The Prime Minister's love for Gandhi exists only in advertisements and in the From the beginning, hating Mahatma Gandhi seems to be the tool to mobilize his cadres.

Shergill said that if the prime minister even has a hint of respect for Gandhi, he should eliminate Thakur and Hegde from the party and added that it was time for the prime minister to prove whether his loyalty is to Godse or Gandhi.

Modi should apologize for Hegde's comments, a case of sedition should be slapped to the former Union minister and both Thakur and him and should be removed from the BJP, Shergill demanded.

If the Prime Minister does not take the usual measures or take measures in patches, then India will know that the prime minister is with Gandhi's killers, he said.

Mahatma Gandhi does not need a certificate from the British cadre 'Chamchas&Spies'. BJP's time was renamed as 'Nathuram Godse Party,' he said.

The main spokesman for Congress also examined the BJP about Hegde's comments, wondering how those who believed in kattagraha (the gun rule) could accept satyagraha.

This is Modi's Bharat, where Bapu's thoughts and the path he walked are attacked every day. Will Modi Chi take action against Anant Hegde? Otherwise, it will be shown that the voice was from Hegde, but the idea was from Modi ji. He said in a tweet.

Congress Leader Jairam Ramesh He tweeted, perhaps reflecting the opinions of his teachers. If you do not, your comments should invite the strictest possible action of your party.

Hegde had said in his comments: Those who sacrificed their lives and worked to achieve great change in the country were thrown into the dark corners of history, but those who fought in tune with the British became certified freedom fighters. ... This is the tragedy of the country.

Congress also created uproar in both Lok sabha and Rajya Sabha for Hegde's comments, since the upper house was unable to address the discussion on the motion of thanks to the President's speech.

When asked if Congress would allow the Chamber to operate, Sharma said the government should allow its notices to hold a discussion about the NRP, CAA and NRC in Rajya Sabha, which the president has not allowed.

With all due respect, the President cannot tell the opposition how to speak and when to speak, if a notice is under the rules, it is our right. That would be very condescending as if its high-ranking leaders, who have been in Parliament for decades: We know under what rule, what issue should be raised.

You can't put everything in a 'Thank you motion' box, which is a government-sponsored motion about the President's speech, which is deeply disturbing in addition to reading a long list of irrelevant government schemes and anti-popular policies. It was also a distortion and falsification of Indian history that we will raise separately, he said.